The world renowned show, X Factor(sponsored by Globacom) debuted in Nigeria few months ago. The show has gained a good number of audience.
The show has been quite successful and the contestants have been impressive. The show is at the final stage with 2 contestants remaining which one of them will be crowned the winner.
Well i don’t really have anything against the show but there are some things that are to be disscussed about the show. The fact is that The Judges over Hype the contestants whom they are training. For example the MTN project Fame faculty still critisise the contestants whom they are teaching. But not X-factor. Most times the judges favorite contestant is oerfect and the Judges don’t tend to see any flaws in what their contestant produces.
The Judges are high profile personalities and of course a normal human will tend to feel whoever M.I or onyeka is a good singer and of course vote for the person.
What the judges are supposed to do is to commend the good performance of the contestant and tell them their flaws in front of camera so that the contestant can continue to improve.
I hope they look into this matter. Because it will go a long way in making their show acceptable.


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