Jose, don’t lose our identity

At Stamford Bridge yesterday, Chelsea were beaten by Basel. Our famous coach,Jose Mourinho came out with an excuse that the present Chelsea Squad is not matured.
Of course, looking at it, the chelsea squad is not a matured one. We have a lot of youngsters who are below age 25 which is ok. But what keeps coming to my mind is that most of the players in this squad were present last season and it was a story of Success. But they weren’t mature.
I don’t think is matter of maturity that is Happening at Chelsea. What we need is something extra that we are not giving now- one splitting pass, one intelligent finishing, one better player(mata) at the right time. That is what we need at this stage of the club.
You might think i am not a coach so i don’t have guts to say this. I know. We are Chelsea and what we are known for is winning at all cost. We told Benitez that and he delivered it. And i think it is time to remind Mourinho who we are cause we are losing our identity.


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