Where is the ASUU strike heading to?

Over the years, Nigerians have always rated the education sector of the country above average. But with the ongoing ASUU strike, the education sector has been rated poorly.
Since the commencement of the ASUU strike, there haven’t been any true headway. It is either the government fails to agree with ASUU or ASUU officials proves stubborn. The main aim of the strike is to make Federal government fulfill the signed 2009 agreement but the case hasn’t looked like that. So what’s the use?
The strike is neither favouring  the students or the lecturers. Some of the lecturers are really suffering. They haven’t received their salary for 5months now. Some have been struggling to feed themselves but they still come on national TV to fight the federal government.
This issue of strike is not really working. The future of the students are being toyed with. They become half-baked students when they graduate due to this strike.
It would be better if ASUU can bring out another way of getting what they want rather than putting millions of students at home. Of course they are learned people they should be able to sit and bring out a better solution.
Without that generations of Nigerian students will continue to suffer from this ASUU strike.


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