There are many ways I can express my joy after seeing my club win a derby,  the best way for me is to write about it. Over the years,  when a derby of such magnitude occur, both teams are usually given equal chances but for Sunday’s derby with Arsenal, there was only one favourite which was Chelsea.
I really enjoyed the way we played against Arsenal.  We were far more organised and objective. We won closed them down and won secondary balls. Every Chelsea player deserved to win the MOTM award albeit Schurlle. They paid attention to the tiniest details and that won it for us. If we have performances like this for every match then we are sure to win the league.

Obviously we have a lot of work to do especially at the right hand side of the pitch where ivanovic plays. He usually leaves space behind for the opposition to use when he goes forward. I am sure that mourinho will work on that. Maybe we can switch to a 3-5-2 formation when we are in possession of the ball. We can push ivanovic forward to make him as our wing back.

To all opposition fans and ‘well wishers’, you’ve not seen anything yet.  Better performances will come up as we continue our unbeaten streak this season.

                                                                                 ADEYEMI PETER OLAOLUWA


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