In life, I have met a lot of people who are totally different from each other. I have seen intelligent ones, foolish guys, hardworking people but the set of people that I hate to deal with are the unreasonable ones. They are the guys who feel service to their pocket is paramount and they will do anything to satisfy their endless thirst for things that is not theirs.
Many will agree with me that our beloved country, Nigeria, is suffering a lot from these set of people. Most times they are always our leader which is very unfortunate. Of course such deadly character doesn’t come on them anyhow, it grew up with them and they’ll manifest when they see the slightest opportunity to. Most of them start from our level – the University level.
The second semester is here already and there are a lot of aspirants contesting for various political posts. They’ll be seeking for our approval for the elections. Surely they have started informing people about their political ambitions. Though they are faceless to the public but I assure you that most of them are CURRENCY SEEKING NIGGAS.index
It is not too early to talk about them. You just have to voice out your opinion before it gets too late. The currency seeking niggas are only after one thing their pockets. They put that into consideration first before any other thing. It is very fortunate for them that they will be in office during the election time which will fetch them a lot of money. I really wonder the extent to which they will go to get their deep pockets filled.
It is very sad that they have forgotten the training of hard work and service to humanity that they were taught when they were growing up. Instead they have embraced the conventional lifestyle of politicians in the country. These kinds of people will take us nowhere. We have suffered a lot because of their selfish interests. They take up the better part of your life and leave you with the worst you can ever imagine and they feel so good when doing it.
One thing they don’t know is that their behaviour will not take them far. They will always suffer for it in the future. Nemesis will always catch up with them no matter what. It is better for them to change for good before something else happens. I don’t know why it’s hard for them to change. It doesn’t take them anything to do something good for the whole community. It gives anyone a good recommendation anywhere in the world.
If anyone comes to you talking about his political ambition, try to watch them closely. Of course they’ll play nice but they won’t hide their true character. Babatunde Badmus played the nice guy too before he was elected. No one knew he’ll turn out to be ineffective. That’s the way they behave. Currency seeking Niggas are always unreasonable where ever they go. Watch out for them!


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