Nigeria is a blessed country and there is no doubt about it. In every sector in life, Nigeria can produce a talented person who can work in that very sector perfectly. Especially in the music industry, we are so blessed with talented musician’s right from the time.
The Nigerian music industry has actually grown big as they say and it’s actually producing good music. We cannot deny the fact that we’ve produced good music and musicians in the last century. The question we should ask ourselves now is if we are still producing good music.
Good music is defined as the combination of sounds that is pleasant to the ear and body which also have good lyrical content to back it up. We can boast of talented musicians and producers but we can’t certainly boast of good lyrical content. This actually defiles the term of good music.
With the abundance of talents that we have in this country only few can produce a song with a good lyrical content and sound also. Most musicians can produce mind-blowing sounds and leave out the good side of lyrics. There are only three topics that the Nigerian music industry preaches which are LOVE, SEX and MONEY. Anything apart from these topic is considered uninteresting and not the best way to move the music industry forward. Even the song won’t get a good review from the fans.
When listening to music, it should be able to depict a good and edifying message that can actually transform your life not destroy it. One should be able to pick up music lyrics and get inspired by it without even listening to the song. It is a big pity that it can’t happen in Nigeria. I can’t pick a song by Whizkid and be inspired to do something good. We always complain about crises in our country. There have been high cases of people having illegal means to money, ladies getting pregnant at a very young age and others even committing suicide due to break up of relationships. All these can be traced to the kind of music they listen to. When a musician sings about sex and people love the song, it usually affects the listeners a lot. A youth who listens to songs about sex will definitely have sex before marriage because it seems good to him since that is what is being preached to him. Even the musicians themselves don’t have a very good life because of the things they sing about. For example when a musicians sings about ‘ganja’ there is no how he can’t escape the effects of taking it.
A funny part of it is that some musicians actually pick lines of their songs from other musician which is not supposed to be. Every musician should be known for his or lyrics. The Nigerian broadcasting company is actually doing their best to curb the aspect of bad music. Bad lyrics shouldn’t get airplay at all.
The power is in our hands. If the listeners stop to exalt bad music, then it actually goes a long way in transforming the music industry. Music shouldn’t be about love, sex, and money alone but things that will exalt the listeners. When we stops buying or downloading these kinds of songs they would change the lyrics. After all it is we they are singing for not themselves.wizkid



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