To most Chelsea fans the FA cup match between Chelsea and Bradford is the worst match the club has ever played in recent times.  Chelsea has lost some matches this season but this is the most humiliating. Well, I feel kind of happy though because it can be a blessing in disguise for the team.

Well the dream of winning a quadruple just slipped through our hands. Nevertheless we should also know that we are actively involved in three other competitions which I know that we can win any of them. Losing the Bradford match only means we can concentrate on the other competitions. Especially the premier league because it would be a fulfillment if we can lift the trophy. Everyone knows that we have the squad to do it and a world class coach. What we just need is extra effort and that will be all.

But what I fear most is the biggest opposition. Manchester City. They are also out of the FA Cup which is a big disappointment for me. You may be wondering why. The fact is that Manchester City are only in two competitions left. That is the UEFA Champions league and the Premier League. It is likely that they can be out of the Champions league soon and it will leave them only with the premier league. This will help them concentrate more on the completion. That can be a big edge over us because we might still be in the Champions league by then.

As football fans we know how it goes. There is always drama. Let’s just sit back and enjoy how the drama unfolds and hoping that it favours us.



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