Any staunch follower of Nigerian politics would admit that there is a strong feud between the two strongest political parties in the country. The People’s Democratic Parties (PDP) and All Progressive Congress (APC). This feud has caused a lot of damage to the integrity of the same personnels at the helm of affairs. I never cease to wonder how good friends can become public enemies.
One of the members of the acclaimed biggest political party in Africa,PDP, who also happens to be the Governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose, has been in the forefront of the feud between the parties. He has been making career threatening statements not minding his position as a governor of a state. Though he has been deemed mannerless by the opposition party and his heavy words have been discarded blindly by ‘change-seeking’ Nigerians, Fayose has never stopped ranting.
The fact of the matter is that the words of Fayose must have an element of truth in it. However his words cannot be far from propaganda knowing the kind of man he is and his record. That being said, I would also like to say that Fayose is a man of great political intellect at least for defeating the educated Fayemi in Ekiti state elections. What keeps surprising me is the way he consistently talks about the health of the presidential candidate of APC, General Buhari. Though it seems he is bluffing but the facts and figures he brings out are not to be discarded. Fayose has been giving strong details about the presidential aspirant health which no one has been able to give. Of course there were concerns about the General’s health but his party assured Nigerians that he is hale and healthy. Recently, Apc general secretary Lai Muhammad admitted that Fayose has been tracking the movement of the Presidential Aspirant. For him to admit that it means Fayose must be ranting about the proceeds of his findings. We should not forget that this situation is similar to the late President Yaradua’s in 2007. Despite fainting at the rally PDP assured everyone that he was fine and we all know what the outcome was.
It would be a grave mistake if the APC are leading us on like the way PDP did in 2007. They would be toying with the future of Nigeria and they will regret it. The current state of Nigeria is as a result of the deceit by PDP about Later Yaradua’s health which gave room for president Jonathan to take over. This singular act infuriated the Northerners and gave rise to BOKO HARAM. If only PDP knew the outcome of their actions would be deadly they might have avoided it.
APC should do their best not to make the unforgivable decision PDP made. Contrary to what the former pot-bellied president Election is not a do or die affair. Nigeria future is not the game of draft or the game of chess that can be tossed around. They should make their actions result into a positive one for the greater good of the country. Maybe thats what Fayose wants but Nigerians would never think he is right.


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