According to reports we’ve gotten, Petr Cech, Chelsea goalkeeper would be leaving the Football club for FA Cup winners Arsenal.
Of course this action didn’t go down with most blues fans even Jose Mourinho who has spoken publicly against it but the Chelsea board of directors want to grant Cech a favour as an act of repaying him for the selfless act he has displayed for about 13 years.
But what happens when Cech leaves?

Two things would be involved- Chelsea would be left with Courtois and Chelsea would be strengthening a great rival.

Courtois is one of the best keepers in the world undoubtedly but we can’t rely on him. Any keeper we buy later won’t be of Courtois’ quality hence the need of competition would be defeated.
For example in Bayern Munich last season they had two great keepers- Neuer and Reina but it was Neuer who played 95% of the games because there was no good competition.
Courtois was really at his best because he knew that Cech is as good as he is even better even though some fans might disagree. If Chelsea get John Ruddy it is quite sure that Courtois is going to play all the Premier League games bar injury. Chelsea would be at loss.

Arsenal are at the verge of signing Cech and in few days it would be announced officially. This is Chelsea’s biggest loss. They are making Arsenal’s dream of winning the Premier League more visible. No one can deny how Cech has saved Chelsea on glorious occasions e.g Champions League triumph in 2012. Now Arsenal has the best chance of winning the next title if they complete the transfer. Chelsea might regret this transfer if they are not careful.
This is actually a step back for Chelsea and an advancement for Arsenal. It is a win-win situation for the Gunners.

Cech leaves Chelsea has a great man and will make Arsenal a great team like the Invincibles. Having said that let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch how the situation works out.

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


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