Radamel Falcao Will Come Good For Chelsea But It Will Come At A Great Cost.

It is 19th century news that Falcao signed for Chelsea on a season-long Loan. After enduring a torrid season at Manchester United last season, he decided to give the Premier League another Chance. Everyone is actually tired of listening to the story and we are looking for a way forward.

For people like me i’m usually skeptical about new signings and guage their performance in their last club and try to check if they can cope with the new club they are signing for. But then Contigencies may set in and high expectations for a player may be dismissed after series of uninspiring performances by the player in question. Also One may be blown away by the superb performance of a player even after low expectations. But then we should also try to predict the likely actions that may be exhibited by the player in the forthcoming season.

To be frank, Falcao is a good player and his past records speak for itself albiet Manchester United and the Copa America’s record. You can’t deny how good Falcao is when he is at his best and Chelsea will enjoy him if he is on that form. But the question is: will he ever reach that great Height of before?

The fact that Jose Mourinho signed Radamel Falcao for the club is a very good sign that Falcao will come good for Chelsea. This time Falcao has a lot of confidence in him and experience in England unlike Last season. He knows the way England people play their football and i think he is more settled than before. Residing in London can be really comforting for a new player than Manchester. That was the main reason why Alexis Sanchez chose Arsenal ahead of Liverpool. Radamel Falcao also has the priviledge to have Players whom he has worked with. Players like: Diego Costa, Courtois, Felipe Luis ( though he might be leaving soon) and Juan Cuadrado his international Team mate. This will be a deciding factor for his success at Chelsea. It is quite expected that he gels immeadiately with the players because of the familiarity that exists.

But at what cost?

The cost is just more work from Falcao himself. As long as he dedicates himself to getting into the first team at Chelsea he would really come good. It would be really hard for him because he has to beat a more matured Costa who has won the hearts of all the Chelsea players, coaches and fans. Jose Mourinho won’t hesitate to use him if he is really dedicate his time to being useful at Chelsea.

The suspense as already been created every football loer is eager to see how Falcao will perform at Chelsea. It should be known that if Falcao performs well on this loan his record of a flop would be erased and he might be offered another deal by Chelsea. But then Hardwork and taking chances would count a lot for his success at Chelsea.



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