I can survive in million ways,
In regardless of what you paves,
Which makes of strong wholly,
With my beads of being holy.

I will tear apart the world’s calamity,
Where many people are living in impecuniosity,
I will stand out from the bigot,
Who proves himself as an agent.

There a way will be marked for me,
In regardless of my sin,
There I will choose my pathway,
In consideration for me to weigh.

I will be a standing pole,
Which works round the clock with hole,
Which is lacked down with hooker;
In order to increase the has of my cooker.

I will wall down the street with boldness,
The boldness which pave way for strongness,
The boldness which proves me as a man,
With the length of my arm.

My fortune you can’t operate,
My glory you can’t underrate,
Which makes me a tall giant,
In a secret room of the boy brilliant.

Have you seen that I can survive?
Have you seen that I have been given the high-five?
The high-five that has mapped the glory of your detestation,
Which will anon leads it to total conflagration.

I can survive!

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


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