HOME ADVANTAGE [discovery] 

Date: Saturday, 27th February 2016.
Venue: Conference Centre, OAU. 
Time: 10am prompt 

Home Advantage is a national set of conference, formed in 2015 to re-orientate the mindset of young persons by infusing in them the powerful phrase “conquer your locality, conquer the world”. 

Home Advantage is a fresh and young initiative which has a very high prospect to becoming a platinum standard for self discovery and youth development through digital storytelling by experienced and seasoned young persons. 

Home Advantage is a new course that will strengthen moral institutions. It is a gathering of exceptional individuals, all with the quest and ability to make a difference in their respective local communities. We all come together to listen, participate, learn, unlearn, relearn,  apply and improve… 

Home Advantage would give platform for participants to share their ideas and nurture their dreams
It will build the bridge among young professionals and supportive speakers, present and shape a platform for their success. 

“I forsee a lot of dreams at Home Advantage [Discovery]: to set up their own business, thinking big, starting small from their communities but growing very fast”

“This is an initiative that would create opportunities for young minds to network and dialog on how to do to something good for the society”

“Home Advantage will bring young leaders and deep thinkers from all different fields to share ideas, practical stories and experience that would inspire minds to conquer their locality, and conquer the world”

“The combination of a seasoned diverse group of speakers and high calibre artistic performers will form a mix that is sure to lead to exciting new ideas” said Seun Fakorede, Home Advantage curator and organizing committee member.

The potential speakers and performers include:
1. Kola Badmus, CEO Kola Badmus Co. 
2. Moradeun Balogun, Founder, Fashion Insider Conference 
3. Deji Onadeko, Creative Director, Life Media Group
4. Ibikunle Isaac, Erstwhile Students’ Union President, OAU
5. Folajomi, CEO, Jo’s Indulge
6. Bamidele Afouda, Creative Director, Imogirie Photography 
7. Mayowa Agbelese, Cowinner, SIMA 2015 
8. Jude Adejuwon, Co-founder, iMD
9. Demola  Scott Taiwo, Pastor, Livingword Fellowship, OAU 
10. Segun Odeyemi, CEO, Gorgeous Outfit

9jARTitude, astonishing graffiti and live-action artist 
Spirit of David, outstanding dance group
Ayodele Ogunleye, musician passionate about Nigeria
MC Headies, a comedian with class

To mention a few! 

All the ten seasoned and young speakers would be speaking for 16 minutes [or less] each.

Through interactive activities, we will discover how our untapped potentials can be kinetized and be inspired to adopt new ways of hinging and doing things right.  

More than ever, today we need discovery deposit thinkers who know how to think about how potentials can be unleashed and how opportunities can be maximised. So in the spirit of the original quest, the theme of Home Advantage 2016 is “Conquer your locality, conquer the world” 

HOME ADVANTAGE is powered by TheSeunFakorede Company. Our agenda is to make young persons always look deep within their local community to kinetize the potential that lies in there. We believe conquering your locality makes you become an exportable material.

You can follow to catch updates about this event via Twitter at, or on Facebook at, or Instagram at 

For sponsorship and enquiries, please contact:
‘Seun Fakorede 
09098017252, 08110236620 

T. +234 706 840 7228
M. +234 811 023 6620


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