Hello guys! Her name is Opeyemi and is a new writer on the blog. She just loves to share her mind. Try reading what’s on her mind today.

My sister has to take 20 pictures before seeing her “PERFECT” display picture,a friend of mine could cry if she doesn’t have the PERFECT 100 percent score in any mathematics test,my neighbours wish they had the PERFECT stature_ tall,light n slim all of us at one time have suffered from this perfection syndrome cos there is always a level higher than our present status there is nothing bad in wanting to be our best but we can truly be happy with who we are_even though we are not perfect.
Self-love is very important. Love yourself and others don’t have an option but to love you too. Someone once said,success is liking yourself, liking what you do n liking how you do it. Be your own kind of beautiful. Be realistic with your goals. Seek to do your best but not not to achieve perfection. Do not let mistakes make you miserable. They are part of life. Laugh a lot about yourself ,imperfections, mistakes. Don’t compare yourself to others ,they have their own struggles. You are your own kind of beautiful. Be happy!



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