This is something I’d love to read over and over again


Dupe felt a hand on her shoulder,gently shaking her.
‘Wake up, honey. Please.Modupe’’. From her sleep she could recognise the voice. It was Tomi. Her husband of twelve years. She stirred a bit and the shaking got a bit stronger.
‘Tomi, you should be sleeping now. Whats the time?’’ she managed to mutter and yawned.
‘Its 2:30am. Please get up Mo’, I need to talk to you’’ he replied
She turned fully to face him. She saw his face and it looked like he had not slept for a minute. She dragged herself up to sitting position.
‘Baby! Why haven’t you slept? Tomorrow is Tuesday, it’s almost time to get up’’
‘’ I have to talk to you. Modupe, wake up its important.’’
‘’Okay , okay I am up.. What is it?’’ she asked now fully awake.
Tomi looked at her and began to shake his head , tears running…

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