The Former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi, is dead. A tweet on the Nigeria Football Federation’s handle, @thenff, says the legend died in the early hours of Wednesday.

The former international football player and coach, lost his wife, Kate, last year after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Keshi has coached the national teams of Togo and Mali, qualifying the former to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

In his last job with Nigeria, he won the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and reached the Round of 16 at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

source: punch newspaper


The captain of the Nigerian Football team, Vincent ENYEAMA has confirmed that he has left the super eagles.
After having a rift with the National team boss which resulted in him being expelled from the team The veteran decided to call it quits admist reports of the Captain and the gaffer having issues.
Princeruwa wishes him well.

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


This is the Premier League table before the matches to be played

1 Man City 3 9
2 Leicester 3 7
3 Liverpool 3 7
4 Man Utd 3 7
5 Crystal Palace 3 6
6 Swansea 3 5
7 Everton 3 4
8 Norwich 3 4
9 Arsenal 3 4
10 Chelsea 3 4
11 West Ham 3 3
12 Watford 3 3
13 Bournemouth 3 3
14 Aston Villa 3 3
15 Stoke 3 2
16 Spurs 3 2
17 Newcastle 3 2
18 Southampton 3 2
19 Sunderland 3 1
20 West Brom 3 1


Earlier today, UEFA made the draws for the Champions League for this season. Most fans have been themselves upon the draws made. especially Arsenal and Manchester City fans. They are in the same group with tough opponents like Bayern Munich and Juventus respectively. That being said, one should look at the better side of the situation.

After keenly looking at the draws, I have decided to make some predictions after spending hours studying and researching about the 32 teams in the Champions League. Only 16 teams can get into the next round and I have done my best to give you the closest prediction you can ever get anywhere. these are the teams that would likely qualify from the group:

1. PSG
16. LYON

These are the teams that would likely qualify. expect the best and worst from Champions League this season.


Radamel Falcao Will Come Good For Chelsea But It Will Come At A Great Cost.

It is 19th century news that Falcao signed for Chelsea on a season-long Loan. After enduring a torrid season at Manchester United last season, he decided to give the Premier League another Chance. Everyone is actually tired of listening to the story and we are looking for a way forward.

For people like me i’m usually skeptical about new signings and guage their performance in their last club and try to check if they can cope with the new club they are signing for. But then Contigencies may set in and high expectations for a player may be dismissed after series of uninspiring performances by the player in question. Also One may be blown away by the superb performance of a player even after low expectations. But then we should also try to predict the likely actions that may be exhibited by the player in the forthcoming season.

To be frank, Falcao is a good player and his past records speak for itself albiet Manchester United and the Copa America’s record. You can’t deny how good Falcao is when he is at his best and Chelsea will enjoy him if he is on that form. But the question is: will he ever reach that great Height of before?

The fact that Jose Mourinho signed Radamel Falcao for the club is a very good sign that Falcao will come good for Chelsea. This time Falcao has a lot of confidence in him and experience in England unlike Last season. He knows the way England people play their football and i think he is more settled than before. Residing in London can be really comforting for a new player than Manchester. That was the main reason why Alexis Sanchez chose Arsenal ahead of Liverpool. Radamel Falcao also has the priviledge to have Players whom he has worked with. Players like: Diego Costa, Courtois, Felipe Luis ( though he might be leaving soon) and Juan Cuadrado his international Team mate. This will be a deciding factor for his success at Chelsea. It is quite expected that he gels immeadiately with the players because of the familiarity that exists.

But at what cost?

The cost is just more work from Falcao himself. As long as he dedicates himself to getting into the first team at Chelsea he would really come good. It would be really hard for him because he has to beat a more matured Costa who has won the hearts of all the Chelsea players, coaches and fans. Jose Mourinho won’t hesitate to use him if he is really dedicate his time to being useful at Chelsea.

The suspense as already been created every football loer is eager to see how Falcao will perform at Chelsea. It should be known that if Falcao performs well on this loan his record of a flop would be erased and he might be offered another deal by Chelsea. But then Hardwork and taking chances would count a lot for his success at Chelsea.


The Big Story Behind The Famous Barcelona Big trio

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Magic moments

This is the latest of many iconic photos of Barça over the years. Others include the famous one of Evaristo scoring with a raised foot (Carlos Pérez de Rozas), Cruyff’s amazing leap (Horaci Seguí), Rivaldo’s overhead kick (Jordi Cotrina) and Koeman’s free kick at Wembley (Agustí Carbonell). But there has perhaps never been one that has so well summed up the magic of a single season, in which the MSN trident made so much history, as Gea’s marvellous shot.

Camp Nou, 11 January 2015. The 86th minute of the league match between FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. Luis Suárez collects the ball on the left and crosses to Leo Messi, who controls it and sends a pass forward to Iván Rakitic. A one-two later and the Argentinian spots Neymar Jr trying to lose his marker. Messi slips near the penalty spot but the ball gets a lucky bounce and he’s back on his feet in a flash to score his team’s third goal.

It’s 3-1 and game over and the crowd goes wild. Meanwhile, Neymar Jr hugs Messi and they run to the wing in search of Suárez to get him to join their celebration. The trio run arm in arm and Reuters photographer Albert Gea is there with his Canon to grab the moment for posterity in a photograph that is sure to continue appearing in the club’s pictorial histories for years.

Well equiped

Gea (Barcelona, 1977) has worked at the Camp Nou along with his prestigious teacher Gustau Nacarino for 14 seasons. When FC Barcelona are attacking towards the North Goal he rarely positions himself on the touchline by the grandstand, but that is exactly where he was when he got the famous picture.

When he’s at the stadium, Gea usually has three cameras and three different lenses. The one he used for this particular shot was a Canon EOS 1 DX, with a 70-200 / 2.8 Series L lens.

“”We normally work with a 400” he explains to Barça Magazine. “But I remember that at that moment, when Suárez started the counter attack, and I saw that there was going to be action in the penalty area, I switched to a shorter lens. It was the right thing to do, because Neymar, after Messi scored, started celebrating and linked arms with Suárez and Messi and ran towards the grandstand, more or less in a direct line to where I was positioned. I started taking rapid fire photos, about nine a second, and then I switched to a wide lens.”

Speaking before the game with Deportivo, where the Liga title was celebrated and Xavi was honoured for his departure from the club, Gea adds that “I was lucky because I instinctively changed the camera before anyone else did. I moved to a shorter lens and that meant the three players were perfectly framed in the picture. Other photographers got some good pictures too but didn’t catch the scene quite as completely as I could. The key was my lens and my position next to the pitch”.

As the players continued their celebrations, Gea already knew that he’d got the best photo of the game, and perhaps of the season and of the famous trident.

“There weren’t many pictures of the three of them together until that moment” he says. “I was convinced. I took the card pout of the camera and inserted it in my 11” MacBook Air. I uploaded about 40 pictures and picked the best versions, full body, waist upwards, the three heads, the different smiles … And then I sent them off. The photo was a worldwide sensation and appeared in some of the biggest newspapers in the world.”

A large format version of that famous picture now hangs on the wall of the FC Barcelona Communication Department, and is still being used time and time again whenever Barça’s famous forward line deliver yet more of their magic.

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