Special One believes opening-day clash proved Red Devils have learned their lessons from last season.

Old Trafford fans grew frustrated with a number of stalemates in the previous campaign – an issue the boss signed Romelu Lukaku to fix.

Mourinho, 54, said: “The game was open at 2-0 and they had a chance. “I don’t think the game was 4-0 of course you score the third and you breathe and you relax, you play with a lot of confidence – 10 more minutes and we could have scored more. “I think we didn’t start especially well. I think we were nervous, not so confident but then we had a quality performance good personality and we looked confident.

“It’s nice for Morata to score, nice for Wayne Rooney to score, nice for Lukaku to score, Lacazette and some others that I don’t know. “We lost two points against West Ham here last season. We had matches where we were dominant but couldn’t score enough goals. Today we did and got three important points. “The reality of it is in the last part of the game instead of being boring and controlling the game we scored the third goal and everything is open to enjoy, yes I’m happy.”



Antonio Conte admits Chelsea in ‘negative situation’ as he prepares to face Tottenham with depleted squad.

And Conte said: “We have to continue to work and try to improve the negative situation. “Every game there are positives and negative situations and my task — and the task of my staff — is to improve the negative situation. “This result is a great disappointment but we have one week to try to find the right solution, to find the right option. “It will be a really tough game but we must be ready. I think we have to restart from there.”

Conte, frustrated by the failure of the club to beef up his playing squad, added: “The club is trying to do things in the transfer market. “I am a coach and now the season has started, so my focus must be on the pitch and working with my players. This is my squad and I want to fight with these players. The club is doing the work.”

Source: The Sun


In an exclusive with Daily Mail, enstaranged Chelsea Striker, Diego Costa bares all in the interview. Read below:

After helping Chelsea to the Premier League title by scoring 20 goals in manager Antonio Conte’s first season at the club, Costa finds himself at Brazil still enjoying his holiday.

It all began with a text message from Conte, informing him his Chelsea career was over. Costa has not been at Chelsea since the FA Cup final in May and nobody knows what else will happen next.

He accuses Chelsea of treating him ‘like a criminal’ and refuses to rule out legal action. He says he will always keep Conte’s text message on his phone and claims the Chelsea manager ‘lacks charisma’. Costa also accuses Conte of blocking his contract negotiations in January.

Costa says he has been fined several weeks’ wages but is defying demands to return to train with the reserves. The Spain international insists he wants a transfer to Atletico Madrid resolved this month and that, meanwhile, he is ready to see out his Chelsea contract unpaid and train alone near his home in Brazil.


This is the awesome moment


Modupe grabbed the arm rest as she felt her plane lift itself from the ground and let her mind wander away for the millionth time that day.She so desperately wanted to tell someone, her Mum, Feyi , anyone. She just wanted to cry and rant and mourn the trust that had died. She tried so much to avoid looking at Tomi as she packed this morning.  She wasn’t ready to deal with the hurt in his eyes, she was hurting too.

A bitter laughter escaped her lips. It was funny that he was hurt. How could he be hurt that she didn’t want to be around him? What was he expecting? That she was going to pet him and tell him it was alright and they were going to be fine?! Things were never going to be fine, they were never going to be fine! She wasn’t even sure there…

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This is something I’d love to read over and over again


Dupe felt a hand on her shoulder,gently shaking her.
‘Wake up, honey. Please.Modupe’’. From her sleep she could recognise the voice. It was Tomi. Her husband of twelve years. She stirred a bit and the shaking got a bit stronger.
‘Tomi, you should be sleeping now. Whats the time?’’ she managed to mutter and yawned.
‘Its 2:30am. Please get up Mo’, I need to talk to you’’ he replied
She turned fully to face him. She saw his face and it looked like he had not slept for a minute. She dragged herself up to sitting position.
‘Baby! Why haven’t you slept? Tomorrow is Tuesday, it’s almost time to get up’’
‘’ I have to talk to you. Modupe, wake up its important.’’
‘’Okay , okay I am up.. What is it?’’ she asked now fully awake.
Tomi looked at her and began to shake his head , tears running…

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Yesterday I reported how Queens Hall ladies protested against the Hall Package they were given by the Hall Executives.

Well, the image below shows the Package:


This is the package that got people talking

The little set over there is a Manicure set that contains one tiny nail cutter,scissors, microscopic mirror.

This is enough to infuriate the Ladies who payed 3000 Naira for dues during this recession.


Students in Queens Hall have revolted against their Hall Executives due to the Hall Package that was handed to them this week. The Queens, as fondly called, resorted to whistles, drums and songs to register their displeasure at the package and are calling for an emergency congress.

Hall Package included a Book and One Tiny nail cutter,scissors, microscopic mirror according to the source while they paid a heavy sum of #4000 (3000 Naira for Due and 1000 Naira for Dinner)

More information will follow as the night progresses…


Sustainable Economic Development: Our Nation and Probity of the Youth.


The Student Christian Movement (SCM) of Nigeria, University of Ibadan branch, an affiliate of the World Student Christian Federation,  based in Geneva Switzerland and the first  Christian Student Organization of the premier University, has a core value of ‘reaching out to youth urgently for Christ’ through the preaching of the word and through youth based empowerment programmes and capacity building summits.
The SCM, UI has a core value of ‘reaching out to youth urgently’ through the preaching of the word and organising youth based empowerment programmes and capacity building summit.  However, because of our unique development in the Colonial Era, SCM UI had maintained the stance of a watch man in the governance of our nation Nigeria which further explains how in our 75 years of existence, we have been able to engage in activities (spiritual social and intellectual) that aim to bring about a social change and youth development also, birthing a suitable governance for this nation and the world at large. 
This passion has been handed over to us from afore generations. Therefore it is our ardent desire to achieve  a better Nigeria.
This led us to  setting a means to our end which is organising a Public Lecture tagged ‘CONVERGE 2016’ in which we are preparing to engage the topic; ‘Sustainable Economic Development: Our Nation and Probity of the Youth with Ambassador Moses Ihonde as the guest speaker and other keynote speakers. The pioneer Dean of Technology, Professor Fola Aboaba, who is also our Chairman Board of Patrons, will chair this intellectual summit. Among other things, Ambassador Moses Ihonde and other speakers will be considering how the upright youth can make use of the resources available to have positive impact on Nigeria.

Kindly click on this link to Register for Converge 2016.


TIME: 10:00 AM



​Home Advantage is an international standard leadership conference created in 2015 to catalyze a shift in the mindset of young Nigerians, Africans and the world at large to get them to imbibe the essence of the phrase “Conquer your Locality, Conquer the World”.
Home Advantage is a fresh and peculiar initiative with great prospects to become a platinum standard for young persons to encounter self-discovery and growth through learning from the process of experienced and seasoned professionals in various fields. 
Home Advantage is a new platform geared towards helping to create value systems and strengthening these value systems by solidifying moral institutions. It is a conclave of exceptional individuals with a thirst and passion to be the difference in their local communities. It is an avenue for communal listening, participation, learning, unlearning, relearning, application and improvement. 
In our present times, there is a need for evolving minds and personalities who are given to growth and constant improvement which is why we have tagged this edition of Home Advantage “EVOLVE”.
The vision of Home Advantage [evolve] is to see participants GROW, IMPROVE and ADVANCE their ideas by encouraging them to pursue being the difference in their local communities and to “EVOLVE” beyond the limitations of their local communities, vitiating the tendencies of small mindedness that challenges the average Nigerian youth. 
Our goal is to bring young leaders in contact with deep thinkers from diverse fields to share ideas, practical stories and experiences that would inspire participants to “EVOLVE” and enable them conquer their locality and conquer the world. 
Participants at Home Advantage would be afforded the opportunity to SHARE their ideas, CONNECT with other young professionals and supportive speakers of similar ilk and this would help ADVANCE their dreams.
To achieve this we have a combination of seasoned speakers and high caliber artistic performers that would create the perfect environment that would without a doubt catalyze “EVOLUTION” said The Seun Fakorede, Home Advantage Curator and organizing committee member. 


Our team of Speakers already confirmed for this edition of Home Advantage;

1. Dayo Isreal (LLB Hons, MA International Relations)

He is an astute young professional and an impeccable nation builder. Dayo is an advisor to many world leaders, business executives, politicians, young entrepreneurs and sport professionals. Widely recognized both locally and internationally, he is a young man highly decorated globally for his ability to conquer his locality at a very young age.    
2. Muyiwa Babarinde

He is a digital marketing professional, an avid technology enthusiast and content creator with vast experience in business analysis, strategy, marketing, content creation and project development. Muyiwa is currently working with Red Media Africa, a media and communications group in Lagos with the designation; Opportunities Associate and his job description includes sourcing partnership for the Group’s platform and brands.  
3. VJ Femi Daniels 

Femi Daniels is an award winning VJ, TV host, Producer and a Presenter with an impeccable skill. He currently works with the popular Hip TV coordinating several delectable shows. Femi has a very strong passion for excellence and youth development in all spheres of endeavor.   
4. Dayo Nigeria 

Dayo is an excellent communicator and strategist dedicated to grooming young people into leaders and great achievers. He firmly believes in the enormity of the potential of youths to become nation builders and he has as a result worked in various capacities with diverse national and international organizations. A Mandela Washington fellow with the Young African Leaders Initiative and an alumnus of the Staley School of Leadership Studies of the Kansas State University.
5. Arole

Woli Arole as he is fondly called is a prophetic stand-up comedian in a distinguished niche of his own. He is also an event MC and Actor with quite a number of awards to his name. Arole has brought immense creativity to bear in the comedy industry today. He believes every young person has the innate abilities that can make them stand out and make a sound difference in their local communities.
6. Babatunmise 

Babatunmise is a young, vibrant music artiste with a striking track record. He is passionate about youth empowerment and Nation Building. Babatunmise had developed exceptional coordination skills in the area of event management and hosting. 
7. 9jARTitude 

Tobi Oke, professionally known as 9jARTitude is an amazing live speed painter. He is also the producer of Heard and Seen, a promising young persons talent hunt event. 9jARTitude has demonstrated strong excellence and creativity in the field of art. He is someone who has greatly maximised his gift and home advantage. 
8. Aunty Lanre 

Lanre Onasanya, popularly known as Aunty Lanre is the founder of Aunty Lanre Initiative, a non-governmental organization through which she and her amazing volunteers have reached over 500 orphans & vulnerable children since its inception in 2015. Aunty Lanre Initiative evolved out of her enormous love for children and also,  her personal conviction that with support from the community, orphans and vulnerable children can live better and have more meaningful lives. 
9. The Seun Fakorede 

Seun’s passion and work has promoted leadership development and accountability for youths as a critical indices to Nigeria’s development through seminars, conferences and other platforms. The Seun Fakorede as he is popularly called enjoys focusing on the topics of Youth Development and Leadership that result in national socio-economic transformation, with an incorruptible passion for Youth Empowerment, Good Governance and Nation Building. 

Our lineup of Artistic Performers include:

1. Asiri, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing comic acts

2. Eri, a talented and gifted music artiste 

3. DJ T-Swaggs, an amazingly talented disc jockey

      and many others… 

Speakers would speak for about 16 minutes or less and then through interactive sessions we would delve into the discovery of how potentials can be harnessed, inspired and evolved to adopt new thought patterns and functional organizational structures.
Participants are required to register online via  to ensure that they have access to the event venue. They are to also print (or bring along in soft copy) their online ticket which would be automatically issued immediately they complete the registration process. 
“Home Advantage” is powered by HOME ADVANTAGE AFRICA and at Home Advantage Africa we believe that by bringing events such as Home Advantage to the Nigerian Youth we are creating an opportunity for young minds to network and dialog on how to share their greatness with their society. 

You can also get updates on this event via

For sponsorship and enquiries, please contact: 


+234 817 648 1189