Manchester United star Marcus Rashord suffered from growing pains last season… but is better and BIGGER than ever now

The Manchester United teen’s condition — caused by growing pains — got so bad he sometimes could not travel to games on the train.And Old Trafford boss Jose Mourinho kept Rashford’s ailment a secret amid fears defenders would target him. SunSport can today reveal the striker’s problem — which he has fully recovered from — was caused by the fact he was still growing. He was 5ft 11in when Mourinho arrived at the club last summer — but is now an inch taller. It meant Mourinho had to leave Rashford, 19, out of some games that were going to be too physical.

He started just 16 league games last season, and only one of the last five, as Mourinho saved him for the Europa League run-in. It was thought last March that Rashford had been left out of their FA Cup fixture against Chelsea as he did not board the train at Stockport with the rest of the team.

In fact, he was being flown down separately to restrict the time he would be sat still on a train, which could have affected his back problem. Now Rashford is fully fit, Mourinho plans to use him as a more regular starter.



IT looks as though Jose Mourinho has been in the tattoo parlour again. The Manchester United manager’s new inking is actually covered by his watch.

So it is very difficult to actually see what Mourinho has emblazoned on his lower left arm. But United fans were still fascinated to note that their boss has added another tatt. They spotted the tattoo on Sunday afternoon during the 4-0 Premier League thrashing of West Ham at Old Trafford. According to the Daily Mail, Mourinho, 54, got his first and only other tattoo done four years ago.

He paid £80 to have ‘Tami’, the nicknames of his wife Matilde Faria, and his children etched on his wrist. There was obviously some initial doubt about the new one when fans realised Mourinho had had a tattoo done previously in a similar position.


Special One believes opening-day clash proved Red Devils have learned their lessons from last season.

Old Trafford fans grew frustrated with a number of stalemates in the previous campaign – an issue the boss signed Romelu Lukaku to fix.

Mourinho, 54, said: “The game was open at 2-0 and they had a chance. “I don’t think the game was 4-0 of course you score the third and you breathe and you relax, you play with a lot of confidence – 10 more minutes and we could have scored more. “I think we didn’t start especially well. I think we were nervous, not so confident but then we had a quality performance good personality and we looked confident.

“It’s nice for Morata to score, nice for Wayne Rooney to score, nice for Lukaku to score, Lacazette and some others that I don’t know. “We lost two points against West Ham here last season. We had matches where we were dominant but couldn’t score enough goals. Today we did and got three important points. “The reality of it is in the last part of the game instead of being boring and controlling the game we scored the third goal and everything is open to enjoy, yes I’m happy.”


Every Chelsea fan was very happy when Jose Mourinho was appointed as Chelsea team manager. They were all happy because they felt there would be instant change in the team.
But it hasn’t been so. The team has faced a lot of ups and downs. Consistency is far away from the team. And this is not the Chelsea the fans hoped for.
     I feel the problem with Chelsea is that too much pressure is on the players and manager himself. The level of expectation of the team is very high so the players have to work out of their zones to please the fans which is clearly not working.
    If the media and the fans give this team a break. I think it will help them in getting to their best at the right time.