During my quiet time, i sort to write a poem, an act i haven’t performed for a while now. i formed a mew word in the process- kleptos (it means the Lord of all acts connected to stealing). When the word enters the dictionary, i think i should be credited as the originator. This poem is composed for humans who love stealing. well, it seems i’m preaching but i certainly do not wish to do that.

This is the poem. Enjoy:

Our boulevards are filled with purloiners

Who covet the tract of others:

From gold to tablets,

Clothes to ARTICLES,

They are Lords of them all.

Their filch painted hearts

Are artifacts for the museum;

A place for eternal darkness

With their Lord KLEPTOS

Until they regurgitate their acts,

Spread them on the lines of shame,

Turn their backs on their lord,

They shall enjoy their wealth

In the Red-hot bath of Furnace.

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I can survive in million ways,
In regardless of what you paves,
Which makes of strong wholly,
With my beads of being holy.

I will tear apart the world’s calamity,
Where many people are living in impecuniosity,
I will stand out from the bigot,
Who proves himself as an agent.

There a way will be marked for me,
In regardless of my sin,
There I will choose my pathway,
In consideration for me to weigh.

I will be a standing pole,
Which works round the clock with hole,
Which is lacked down with hooker;
In order to increase the has of my cooker.

I will wall down the street with boldness,
The boldness which pave way for strongness,
The boldness which proves me as a man,
With the length of my arm.

My fortune you can’t operate,
My glory you can’t underrate,
Which makes me a tall giant,
In a secret room of the boy brilliant.

Have you seen that I can survive?
Have you seen that I have been given the high-five?
The high-five that has mapped the glory of your detestation,
Which will anon leads it to total conflagration.

I can survive!

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


This poem was written by Mr. Driven Endowed, a poet on this blog. Take time to read this piece and you’ll enjoy it.

Tell that Lady bleaching so shine,
That the King is approaching to marry her,
In which she will be crowned with wine,
And she will be gifted with numberless of Car.

Tell that Lady bleaching so shine,
That the President will appoint her as the minister of beauty,
In which she will be awarded with evening dine,
As regards to her intensified entity.

Tell that Lady bleaching so shine,
That she should wheel the rim of her flavour,
In which odour can’t stand her tine,
And her ugliness shall fall.

Tell that Lady bleaching so shine,
That she should keep using her so-white cream,
In which it will increase her beauty to shine,
And her ugliness shall be drained by her dream.

Tell that Lady bleaching so shine,
That Driven Endowed will build her a mansion,
The mansion that will be dazzled at by the tonic-wine,
In which she will stands out from ugliness of tension.

Tell her!

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


In the harvest of urine
We went as lords
and came back as dogs
With odorous liquid from our wives

In the harvest of urine
We took our revenge
Like PlayStation dummies
Controlled by Infants

In the harvest of urine
At our harvest party
We were taught by them
Women are not up to men

In the harvest of urine
We planted curses;
Curses from our belly
On our future lords

In the harvest of urine
Underlined by our foolishness
The wages of their sin
Will be suffered by all

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


Another sketch by me. Enjoy it:
They are
as turkey eggs
in haste for us to eat
too careful not to break them

In their wrappers
they see our eyes
scanning through like the white’s man toy
wondering what time is it
for us to begin

Our Elders are in the farm
so we have ample time
to enjoy what they privately do
this time we won’t care
if the egg breaks
’cause we’ll be having Posterity


Ceasing Pen

One of my thoughts…

In the year of the great tumour suffered by the Living beings on the Sphere, the season of ragged harvest was the graceful abundance given by the gods. In the same season was my pen found in the Center of the Four Cardinals filled with Dirt and Dust; an indication of its last use.

The Insurgency in the East, the Derailing West, the Lost Morals of the North and the wastefulness of the South were the imprint of my Ink.

But at mid-point, my pen ceased. A trait caused by the Unseen forces of the four Cardinals. This has been my greatest fear from time immemorial.

The Abundance of the river graced me wholly and heavy rains fell from my eyes. I was stuck in the rusty seat I was subjected to by the Generals.

In my Euphoria while trying to Decipher my Enigma, a Novel thought came into my ever working mind:

‘If you have a ceasing pen that won’t make you write why don’t you get a Pencil?’



This is a poem I wrote long long ago

In silence we watch
As it was snatched from us
The pride of our mothers
The identity of our land
Taken by the foolish idiots
Of the real monkey race

They do not know
Our silence is a strong message
To our gods;
The gods of purity

When thunder strikes in the land
We do not fear
For we know
That justice is being measured
And made
With the yardstick of revenge



A very long time ago when the world was young and peaceful, humans then set values for themselves. How they organize themselves, how they behave and what they hold dear to their selves. These values are what subsequent humans met and continued to hold it.

As the world continued to grow and develop, things change over time including our values. A lot of people started changing their ways of life from the traditional way. The world changed and developed fast, faster than we could control and ever imagined.

To sociologists, values are standard of behaviors we regard to as normal. It is still the best definition today because it covers a whole of aspect of what value entails. It is just so evident today. A lot of people ‘invent’ behaviors that are so questionable and instead of castigating it we all see it as normal and hold dear to us and it becomes a value.

I am not receptive to change. I love new things every time but when it goes out of hand then I start to dislike it. A lot of people today have regretted what they once held dear to themselves and are suffering the consequence of their values.

A lot of things are happening around us. When we listen to or read the news we discover that a lot of things have gone wrong. A very recent example is about the Charlie Hebdo scandal. The journalists who publish cartoons to mock the social hills of the society went to the extreme by publishing a cartoon about Mohammed (S.A.W), the Muslims religious leader. On hearing the news, the world went haywire strictly condemning the act by the Muslims extremists and showing support for Charlie Hebdo magazine. The whole situation just makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

I laugh at the west’s selfishness or foolishness maybe. It is so evident that the wests are biased on this issue. These journalists could have averted trouble if they had stuck to the original plan of criticizing politics not religion especially Islam. Trouble comes to you when you look for it. And they found it.

And I also cry for the Islam extremists because of the lost values. For Christ sake why would they kill the journalists like rams at the. Charlie hebdo went too far but they should not take revenge for Allah. Since Allah is alive, let him fight for himself.

Well, I hope things change. I hope people of this world realize that the world is nose-diving into hell. We are all the pilots of that plane. Let us do ourselves good by changing the course of the plane in the right way. We could avert the danger and challenges the world is facing right now if everyone can uphold the right values that was set a really long time ago. I am ready. Hope you are.


i would like to share this poem with you guys. i just thought about it when i was bored and i wrote it down. here is it:

The dark misty clouds

Is set upon the heavens

The doom looms near

But no one is telling


The metal sounds

But no one is playing


Its ringing hard

But no one is running

Finally he comes

The spirit eating man

He takes gold for ashes

And pearls for stones

How stupid to cry!

It leaves no blame to anyone but us

we ignored john

To follow Judas

And now we end up

In Lucifer’s den.

Waiting for your comments.