Yesterday I reported how Queens Hall ladies protested against the Hall Package they were given by the Hall Executives.

Well, the image below shows the Package:


This is the package that got people talking

The little set over there is a Manicure set that contains one tiny nail cutter,scissors, microscopic mirror.

This is enough to infuriate the Ladies who payed 3000 Naira for dues during this recession.



Students in Queens Hall have revolted against their Hall Executives due to the Hall Package that was handed to them this week. The Queens, as fondly called, resorted to whistles, drums and songs to register their displeasure at the package and are calling for an emergency congress.

Hall Package included a Book and One Tiny nail cutter,scissors, microscopic mirror according to the source while they paid a heavy sum of #4000 (3000 Naira for Due and 1000 Naira for Dinner)

More information will follow as the night progresses…


​Home Advantage is an international standard leadership conference created in 2015 to catalyze a shift in the mindset of young Nigerians, Africans and the world at large to get them to imbibe the essence of the phrase “Conquer your Locality, Conquer the World”.
Home Advantage is a fresh and peculiar initiative with great prospects to become a platinum standard for young persons to encounter self-discovery and growth through learning from the process of experienced and seasoned professionals in various fields. 
Home Advantage is a new platform geared towards helping to create value systems and strengthening these value systems by solidifying moral institutions. It is a conclave of exceptional individuals with a thirst and passion to be the difference in their local communities. It is an avenue for communal listening, participation, learning, unlearning, relearning, application and improvement. 
In our present times, there is a need for evolving minds and personalities who are given to growth and constant improvement which is why we have tagged this edition of Home Advantage “EVOLVE”.
The vision of Home Advantage [evolve] is to see participants GROW, IMPROVE and ADVANCE their ideas by encouraging them to pursue being the difference in their local communities and to “EVOLVE” beyond the limitations of their local communities, vitiating the tendencies of small mindedness that challenges the average Nigerian youth. 
Our goal is to bring young leaders in contact with deep thinkers from diverse fields to share ideas, practical stories and experiences that would inspire participants to “EVOLVE” and enable them conquer their locality and conquer the world. 
Participants at Home Advantage would be afforded the opportunity to SHARE their ideas, CONNECT with other young professionals and supportive speakers of similar ilk and this would help ADVANCE their dreams.
To achieve this we have a combination of seasoned speakers and high caliber artistic performers that would create the perfect environment that would without a doubt catalyze “EVOLUTION” said The Seun Fakorede, Home Advantage Curator and organizing committee member. 


Our team of Speakers already confirmed for this edition of Home Advantage;

1. Dayo Isreal (LLB Hons, MA International Relations)

He is an astute young professional and an impeccable nation builder. Dayo is an advisor to many world leaders, business executives, politicians, young entrepreneurs and sport professionals. Widely recognized both locally and internationally, he is a young man highly decorated globally for his ability to conquer his locality at a very young age.    
2. Muyiwa Babarinde

He is a digital marketing professional, an avid technology enthusiast and content creator with vast experience in business analysis, strategy, marketing, content creation and project development. Muyiwa is currently working with Red Media Africa, a media and communications group in Lagos with the designation; Opportunities Associate and his job description includes sourcing partnership for the Group’s platform and brands.  
3. VJ Femi Daniels 

Femi Daniels is an award winning VJ, TV host, Producer and a Presenter with an impeccable skill. He currently works with the popular Hip TV coordinating several delectable shows. Femi has a very strong passion for excellence and youth development in all spheres of endeavor.   
4. Dayo Nigeria 

Dayo is an excellent communicator and strategist dedicated to grooming young people into leaders and great achievers. He firmly believes in the enormity of the potential of youths to become nation builders and he has as a result worked in various capacities with diverse national and international organizations. A Mandela Washington fellow with the Young African Leaders Initiative and an alumnus of the Staley School of Leadership Studies of the Kansas State University.
5. Arole

Woli Arole as he is fondly called is a prophetic stand-up comedian in a distinguished niche of his own. He is also an event MC and Actor with quite a number of awards to his name. Arole has brought immense creativity to bear in the comedy industry today. He believes every young person has the innate abilities that can make them stand out and make a sound difference in their local communities.
6. Babatunmise 

Babatunmise is a young, vibrant music artiste with a striking track record. He is passionate about youth empowerment and Nation Building. Babatunmise had developed exceptional coordination skills in the area of event management and hosting. 
7. 9jARTitude 

Tobi Oke, professionally known as 9jARTitude is an amazing live speed painter. He is also the producer of Heard and Seen, a promising young persons talent hunt event. 9jARTitude has demonstrated strong excellence and creativity in the field of art. He is someone who has greatly maximised his gift and home advantage. 
8. Aunty Lanre 

Lanre Onasanya, popularly known as Aunty Lanre is the founder of Aunty Lanre Initiative, a non-governmental organization through which she and her amazing volunteers have reached over 500 orphans & vulnerable children since its inception in 2015. Aunty Lanre Initiative evolved out of her enormous love for children and also,  her personal conviction that with support from the community, orphans and vulnerable children can live better and have more meaningful lives. 
9. The Seun Fakorede 

Seun’s passion and work has promoted leadership development and accountability for youths as a critical indices to Nigeria’s development through seminars, conferences and other platforms. The Seun Fakorede as he is popularly called enjoys focusing on the topics of Youth Development and Leadership that result in national socio-economic transformation, with an incorruptible passion for Youth Empowerment, Good Governance and Nation Building. 

Our lineup of Artistic Performers include:

1. Asiri, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing comic acts

2. Eri, a talented and gifted music artiste 

3. DJ T-Swaggs, an amazingly talented disc jockey

      and many others… 

Speakers would speak for about 16 minutes or less and then through interactive sessions we would delve into the discovery of how potentials can be harnessed, inspired and evolved to adopt new thought patterns and functional organizational structures.
Participants are required to register online via  to ensure that they have access to the event venue. They are to also print (or bring along in soft copy) their online ticket which would be automatically issued immediately they complete the registration process. 
“Home Advantage” is powered by HOME ADVANTAGE AFRICA and at Home Advantage Africa we believe that by bringing events such as Home Advantage to the Nigerian Youth we are creating an opportunity for young minds to network and dialog on how to share their greatness with their society. 

You can also get updates on this event via

For sponsorship and enquiries, please contact: 


+234 817 648 1189


While reading this morning, I found this interesting article by the famous Reuben Abati how he talked about the trending issues in Nigeria- from Tiwa Savage to May Day and University of Ibadan too. This article was culled from The Cable News website. Enjoy:

“Ol’boy, man don see something oh.”

“Wetin you see?”

“My eyes don see something. My ears don hear, and my mouth sef, I for talk something join.”

“Talk make I hear”

“No be dis Tiwa Savage and him husband matter? The husband wey say him wife offend am, he no gi am food, him wife dey form for house but him dey open leg for other men, and na another woman they give am edible catering, and the man come vex he wan jump inside river for Lekki-Ikoyi bridge”

“Who the hell are you talking about?”

“Tiwa Savage and her husband”

“And who are those?”

“Tiwa, now. Marvin First Lady.  She is one of Nigeria’s topmost female artistes. And her husband.  They are quarrelling. The husband tried to commit suicide. She says her husband prefers to follow other women, take cocaine and ignore his responsibilities as a man and a husband. Social media is agog with the news. Mainstream media is feeding on it too. The man even tried to jump into the Lagoon.”

“And has he done so?”

“No. He was restrained by Banky W and Peter Okoye.”

“And who are those? Red Cross Officials?”

“You are in this country and you don’t know Banky W and Peter Okoye?”

“There is no way anyone can possibly know all the members of the Red Cross? ”

“They are musicians, not Red Cross, not NEMA”

“Oh, I see”

“Don’t tell me you are one of those dumb ones who do not know what is going on in this country?”

“I don’t get it. Am I supposed to worry about how Tiwa Savage and her husband are savaging the public space with their dirty linen and turning their marriage into a subject for beer parlour gossip?”

“It is a serious matter.”

“Oh really? So, how has their matter affected the supply of petrol, the price of foodstuff and the payment of salaries?”

“It is the biggest news of the week.”

“Of course, because the media does not know what to prioritise anymore”

“There are issues involved. Tiwa Savage’s husband wanted to commit suicide. The same week, there was a report about a man who killed his target of amorous desire and stabbed her mother in Ilorin because the lady refused to love or marry him.”

“Love is the most potent poison in the world. The graveyard is a prison yard of unrequited love.”

“Tiwa Savage’s husband says…”

“You keep mentioning the wife.  That husband doesn’t have a name? They should have allowed him to jump into the Lagoon, and have his wife do a special song at his funeral and go home on the left arm of another man.”

“They call him em em. actually that is the problem if you would listen to the wife. She is the breadwinner, she says and the man likes to squander money and so on and so forth.”

“Look, I am not interested in that story.  I don’t want a taste of Tiwa Savage’s #Lemonade. I don’t want any tales about the #Becky-with-the-Big-Hair that served her husband “edible catering”. Or do you want the National Assembly to have a special session on a derailed marriage, or may be you want President Muhammadu Buhari to issue a statement on it? One of these days, Nigerians will start insisting that the Nigerian President should become a marriage counselor and he will be blamed for marital squabbles.”

“We are talking about celebrities. And come to think of it, in a normal country, Tiwa Savage’s husband will not have to depend on his wife. He will have a proper means of income.”

E ma gba mi ke. Doro Tiwa and husband fight and Nigeria no go hear word? E joor oh. As you lay your bed, you lie on it. These things happen every day. Human beings pay for the choices that they make. They learn from the outcomes of their choices. Can we have the media focus on serious matters beyond sex, infidelity, cocaine and the poverty of matrimonial matters in the household of Tiwa and Tee Blliz? Which kin name be that sef?”

“Tomorrow is May Day for example”

“Nigerian workers should actually carry placards tomorrow, screaming May Day, May Day, May Day!!”

“You want them to scream for help?”

“Yes, because the Nigerian worker today is hungry, angry, sinking, helpless, jobless, over-used, under-paid and in despair. State governments are not paying salaries. Companies are retrenching staff.  The latest I read is that First Bank is planning to sack 1, 000 workers, Aero Contractors, 100.  I know a couple, who have both just lost their jobs and they have five children. Some other companies are closing shop. Massive divestiture in the economy.”

“Incidentally, you know the people who caused the melt down. “

“Tell me”

“I don’t know.”

“If you don’t know, then you don’t know, before you say something that will make me give you a punch in the face. But I think all that President Buhari needs to dotomorrow is to give the people hope.  In a situation like this, you give the people hope, you reassure them.”

“You are recommending rhetoric. Speaking for speaking sake.”

“No. I am saying hope is a strong weapon. When a leader gives the people hope, he calms down their blood pressure. It is a strong pill.”

“The Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress are not asking for hope. Nigerian workers know what they want. They are asking for N56, 000 minimum wage.”


“You heard me. N56, 000”

“Chai. Do they live in this country at all? Do they have economists among them? Does it make sense to ask for what you know you cannot get?”

“You can ask for what you think you deserve.”

“But in matters like this, you look at the economy too. What they are asking for is called wage indexation. That is not sound economics. Wage indexation is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you base your calculations on it, there will never be an end to it, and it will undermine the economy.”

“Which economy? An economy where some people grab N2 billion, and millions of dollars all in the line of a day’s arrangement, and workers cannot get the existing N18, 000 minimum wage?”

“If I were the NLC or TUC leader, I’ll be more interested in giving the government ideas about how to pay the current minimum wage and ensure that the welfare of the people is properly the concern of government. NLC should be pragmatic. Get all salary arrears paid to start with, and get government to pay all emoluments as at when due. Uncommon sense.”

“Sorry, Labour leaders don’t claim that they are economists. They just want the best for the Nigerian worker. That is their mandate.”

“Don’t speak for them. When they meet the President and the Governors tomorrow, let them say so. I wonder if anybody even reads those long speeches on Labour Day. Nigerian workers are looking for unpaid salaries, but their leaders ride exotic SUVs, and live in mansions. I beg.”

“You are beginning to sound like a government spokesperson. Come, are you still one of us?”

“I beg”

“By the way, what do you think is likely to happen in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), now that the party leadership says the Chairman of the party must come from the North East, and the South West members are threatening to pull out?”

“Are you sure anybody in the South West is threatening to pull out?”

“Yes. You don’t read the papers? Na one of your brothers even talk am


“The Lion himself”

“A lion in my family?”

“Have you forgotten so soon? Abi as your phone no ring again, your brain no ring too? You no know the attack dog, the Lion?”

“Lion. Attack dog.”

“Hen hen now. Him say if they don’t make somebody from South West the Chairman of the PDP, the South West wing of the PDP will leave the party.”

“I’ll advise you not to lose sleep over what politicians say.  What you can be sure of though, is that before 2019, there is likely to be interesting re-alignments.  Nigerian politics may not be the same again before and after 2019.”

“Na dem sabi. Make they just give us the mekunnu, power, good roads, jobs and our salaries at the end of the month. Me, talking for meself, I don see say e no matter which party win election, as long as the economy dey kampe and man fit chop, pay school fees and get light to do welle for night. My broda, na the better thing wey matter pass be dat.”

“What is welle?”

“You no know Welle?”


“Kai. Lord of Heaven. No be the thing wey dey cause problem between Tiwa Savage and her husband be dat?”

“I still don’t get it.”

“You no watch her interview?  As the girl they talk, dey cry, without make up, looking like an angel, doing her eye like this, her shoulder like that, e just dey pain me say dem no allow the husband jump for inside river. If I see Banky W and Peter Okoye, hen, the kine slap wey I go give dem.”

“Are you alright? Have you been sniffing cocaine?”

“C’ommot there. You just carry book for head, you no know how life be?”

“I am sorry for you.”

“Sorry for yourself.”

“Na you go sorry for yourself. And why your head dey always shine like this? You no get hair? You never reach old age, your head don become desert. Na people like you women dey look for?”

“This is a special haircut, you can see that the shaving of the hair is completely clean.”

“This is not a haircut. This is called desert encroachment, or the desertification of the human skull”

“I did it this way, in the shape of a shining mirror, in solidarity with the people of the Edo Kingdom who have just lost their revered monarch, the Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo,  Erediauwa I”

“Only Benin sons are required to do gorimapain honour of the great king that has ascended to the rafters.”

“There is no law that says other Nigerians cannot honour a revered monarch who kept the dignity of the throne and left behind a legacy of honour, character, royal grace, and dignity.”

“You don spake my broda. Make I add my own; Oba gha to kpere”


May his path to the great Beyond be one of illumination and grace.”

“So let it be.”

“So mote it be.”

Feel free to comment


Students of University of Ibadan have refused to comply to the University management order to leave the School premises by 4:00 today. Students are agitating that their demands should be met. Which are:
1. The reinstatement of Mote(Tunji Epeti Micheal from Independence Hall who was rusticated with  an extra semester for ‘Gross Misconduct’
2. Good students welfare
3. A stop to students Victimization

The University Management claims that they are working round the clock to give students a conducive environment. This is the special release issued by the School Management earlier today:

Document released by University of Ibadan

Presently, the Students are mobilizing themselves to go against the School Management, fighting for their right. It is expected that things should be settled in few hours seeing the unrest in the Higher Institution.


Christ Ambassadors Students’ Outreach, University of Ibadan presents a life conference called Life and Purpose 3.
It is an event of a lifetime for all Students of Life especially youths.

Official Image

The idea of the program is to help young people discover themselves in this contemporary society. Students at expected to have a drastic change after being tutored by several speakers. These speakers are:

SAM OMOLE    (Principal Consultant Wise Planner Consulting;
Management and Financial Consultant;
Media Commentator)

Sam Omole, Wise planner consulting

(Life Coach/Trainer, Public Speaker,
Author and Infopreneur)

Valentine, author and Public Speaker

(Photopreneur ;CEO Red 19 Photography)

Kikelomo, CEO RED 19 Photography

The event will be starting by 11 am on 9th of April 2016 at the Mini Hall, UI Hotels. The Theme for this year Conference is THE HIDDEN ME

Life and Purpose 3 will definitely boost for Financial Life, increase your business sensitivity and improving your general self. It is never too late to become the World’s new emerging Talent and that is what Life and Purpose 3 promises to be.



Famous Nigerian musicians Peter and Paul Okoye aka P-Square surprised the generality of University of Ibadan by attending and performing at Queen Idia Hall and Mellanby Hall Variety Night. The female Hall of residence couldn’t control their joy seeing the duo perform their songs. Check the images below of their electrifying performance. Also MAVIN RECORDS acts, Dija and Rekaado banks performed to the pleasure of Idia Ladies.


Photo Credit: Iyanu Oluwashola
Photo Credit: Iyanu Oluwashola

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


In a very sad occurrence, the hall week of Kuti Hall and Queens Hall seems to be in a sorrowful state as a girl fell off a parade car while the rally was on in Zik hall.  She has been rushed to jaja for treatment.
Princeruwa will update you about the matter.

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


In the harvest of urine
We went as lords
and came back as dogs
With odorous liquid from our wives

In the harvest of urine
We took our revenge
Like PlayStation dummies
Controlled by Infants

In the harvest of urine
At our harvest party
We were taught by them
Women are not up to men

In the harvest of urine
We planted curses;
Curses from our belly
On our future lords

In the harvest of urine
Underlined by our foolishness
The wages of their sin
Will be suffered by all

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa


Monday, 28 of September 2015 would be a day to remember for the students of Dentistry as they were taught how to play football by Students of the Faculty of The Social Sciences.
In a must win match for both sides, Social Sciences went into the match with lot of determination after they were whipped the previous week by Faculty of Education Football Team.
By the end of the match Social Sciences Football Team had put 9 goals into the net to the dissatisfaction of Dentistry Football Team.

Goal Scorers: Ijimakinwa Femi 3, Omungbo Pascal 2, Sanni Idris 1, Tobi Ojuawo 1, Own goal 1

Adeyemi Peter Olaoluwa